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Oct 29, 2013 5:00pm PDT
about the pets. here is how chilly it's going to get. 37 napa. 38 santa rosa. temperatures into 40s across the bay area. 50 in antioch. clear skies. it's going to be on the chilly side. san jose, lots of sunshine. clear skies 58 san francisco. 59, oakland. san jose, 60 dig as long with los gatos. some resorts reporting up to a foot and a half of snow. tapering up there. santa rosa 62 degrees. 60s in napa and concord. from our east bay hills camera, left overmoisture. sunny weather and it's going to be dry for trick or treaters. this sis him has been slow moving well. saw showers in parts of the bay area overnight into this morning. tomorrow, #, numbers peaking on friday. going to be milder, then cooling off for weekend tomorrow afternoon, water day. 65 san jose, cupertino. 64 milpitas. peninsula, redwood city, 59 in pacifica. sunshine in the north bay. in the east bay, san leandro, oakland, 646789 inland spots, fairfield, livermore. sheer look at the. it's going to be a nice forecast for the little ones. 4:00 p.m mild, 68 degrees by 6:00 p.m . 8:00 p.m chilly, mid-50s fchl your kid
Oct 31, 2013 5:00pm PDT
. and are going see warmer weather in some areas. napa, low 70s. mount clear and cool tonight. mild weather, cooler weather for weekend. and right now, satellite showing you dry pattern extending into next week. maybe not. through next week but into next week. take a look at dry october. san francisco has had no measurable rain this october. last dry october 1980. this is not good. and when you look at national oceanic and atmospheric association at the drought most of california dealing with a severe drought. some parts are shaded in red. so we need rain. a ghostly forecast for trick or dwreerts fading by morning. temperatures, and the chill mainly north bay valleys, sheltered from winds. you'll see upper 30s. tomorrow afternoon, 74 in the south bay. los gatos, 76. 72 santa cruz. a beautiful day on the peninsula. check out the coast. sunshine and 68 in half moon bay. 70 degrees in downtown san francisco. today's highs have been in mid-60s to 70s 71 south san francisco. north bay communities 75 calistoga. napa, 70 in sausalito. 72 oakland and hayward. inland spots, walnut creek, 75678976 de
Nov 1, 2013 5:00pm PDT
up there, weather looks great. tomorrow night, snow shower chance. novato, napa, 70s. nice, sunny afternoons and 60s. mostly sunny, mild tomorrow. breezy, cooler sunday and monday. windy with a chance of rain coming up next friday. yes. a chance of rain . that is not a typo. high pressure is weakening. over the weekend we'll notice that. temperatures start to fall. sheer what is going to happen. a cold front going to move in across pacific northwest. we get high clouds out of it. kicks up winds. brings in cooler weather. going partly cloudy, cooler heading into sunday tomorrow nice but not as warm as today. now heading to raiders game this sunday, they take on philadelphia eagles at 1:00. it's gooding to be mild low to mid-60s. breezy but still nice weather for the game. tomorrow morning cool start but a dry one if your kids have games or tee off head for a run. 69 in san jose. 72 morgan hill. palo alto on the peninsula, 65 mill brachlt check out half moon bay in the 60s sun, high clouds downtown san francisco. 66. 62 daily city. north bay low 70s still in sonoma and napa. inland
Oct 30, 2013 5:00pm PDT
. 65 santa rosa, napa. it's 67 in fairfield. 68 degrees in livermore. livermore did manage to get up to 70. bright, sunny in san jose. the way they liked it into the south bay is what i hear. temperatures 67 this afternoon. clear, chilly tonight. sunny, warmer next few days and a weather treat for halloween. so looking at satellite here, we don't have a lot going on. it's going to be a quiet pattern that is settling in. remains with us throughout the weekend and into next week. here is what we'll call i sunny skies and mild. including parades if your kids are taking part in the morning parades it will be on the cool side afternoon, comfortable tomorrow morning, chilly start. mid to upper 0s. elsewhere, 40s and 50s. make sure you have a sweater or jacket. 72 san jose. cupertino, los gatos, 746789 sunshine on the peninsula. 72 redwood city. 62 pacifica. a nice day in doult san francisco. 66 degrees. north bay low 70s. santa rosea, sonoma. 69 in the east bay and oakland, hayward, inland spots 74 degrees. nothing ghoulish about the forecast. here is just a reminder. don't forget this wee
Nov 3, 2013 5:00pm PST
our sutro cam you can see high clouds remaining, napa, 60. 60 in concord, and live moore, 62. here's a look at the forecast highlights. because of the time change the sunset tonight at 5:08. scattered clouds and not as much wind and then warmer days through wednesday nowed week. we started this morning with a little cloudiness and by noon another piece of energy started to slide to the south. we'll look for scattered clouds, a cooler evening overnight, and then this is your 5:00 a.m. forecast by around 1:00, 2:00, break out into sunshine, and we'll still be a tad breezy at the coast. so, be advised of that. le and this, too, heading down to cabo, we have a tropical storm, sonia, winds at 45 miles-per-hour. gusts to 60, and it's moving off, starting to move off. this is the tip of cabo, and then it is starting to push towards the east rapidly. ty 10:00 should move into the coast of mexico, and then move inland by tomorrow morning. of course, as it does so, it will spread rainfall to that part of the coast there. if you have travel plans in that direction, be advised you could possib
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5